Start realizing the benefits of InTouch today to make your organization operate better and gain advantage over your competition!

InTouch Corporate Edition

The Corporate Edition gives you unlimited access to all InTouch features. It provides comprehensive scheduling, event monitoring, fully-featured tasks, alerting, role-based access control, and automated recovery to name a few. It supports the metadata repository hosted on an enterprise database management system such as SQL Server or MySQL. You can run it on the cloud or on premise.

InTouch Departmental Edition

The Departmental Edition provides all the capabilities of the Corporate Edition, excluding role-based access control, LDAP and ActiveDirectory integration, warm standby, and metadata migration across servers.

InTouch Small Business Edition

The Small Business Edition provides all the capabilities of the Departmental Edition, excluding repository fault detection and recovery. It has limited support for third party integrations, and limited job triggering.

InTouch Community Edition 

The Community Edition is our highly functional workflow automation system that is free to use.

It does not include some key features that are available in our Small Business Edition, which are essential for some organizations. Some of these exclusions are custom scheduling and professional product support.