What kinds of tasks can a job run?

Here are some of the tasks that a job can run:

  • Copy, rename, or delete a file or directory
  • Compress a file or directory
  • Run a program
  • Run a remote shell script
  • Execute, enable, or disable other jobs
  • Send or receive files or directories via FTP
  • Oracle Essbase Calculation, Dimension Build, Export, Load, Report
  • DataStax/Apache Cassandra Import, Export

How are jobs executed?

  • On a schedule
  • Upon detection of a file change
  • Triggered by an application via a tag file
  • User-initiated
  • Through the workflow of another job
  • As a result of a failed job

Can InTouch run multiple jobs at the same time?

Yes, without limit.

Can I allow users to run their own jobs?

Yes. Set up any user as a publisher. They can log into InTouch and create and run their own jobs and run any other job they have security access to.

Can I be notified at certain times during a job run?

Yes. There are various alerts for each of the phases of job execution, such as when the job starts, is successful, or fails. Alerts are sent in the form of email notifications to any subscriber.

Can I receive content when a job runs?

Yes. Subscribers can receive content by email at any of the notification times, such as when a job is started, or is completed. The content can be any file or directory, or even a zip file created by a task. Subscribers can also receive a job log at any of the notification times.

Can I prevent a job from running when some other job is running?

Yes. You can specify one or more jobs that will prevent the current job from executing if those jobs are already running. You can specify whether the current job should fail or wait for those jobs to complete.

What kind of schedules can I create?

  • Minutes
  • Hours
  • Days
  • Days of Week
  • Weekend
  • Weekday
  • Days of Month
  • Relative days of the month, such as the second Thursday of every third month
  • Custom, which allows you to pick specific days on any months of the year

Can I terminate a job that is running?

Yes. You can terminate an active job.

Can I restart a job from any point?

Yes. Pick your job, and select the task you want to restart.

Can a job retry a task if the job fails?

Yes. Specify which task you want to retry if a particular task in the job fails.

Does InTouch support big data?

Yes. InTouch has native support for DataStax Cassandra, the most highly scaleable big data platform available.

Can I manage InTouch from my mobile device?

Yes. You can run InTouch from any tablet or smart phone.

Can I install InTouch on multiple computers?

Sure! Install it anywhere — on your computer, on multiple servers, on the Cloud.

How do I get started with automation?

The quickest way to get started is to use the supplied sample database as your starting point. You can walk through the samples using the Walking Tour guide. You can update the samples or create entirely new automation objects. There is also help available in all areas of the application.

Can I run InTouch over an HTTPS connection?

Yes. As long as you have a certificate from a trusted source, you can run InTouch using HTTPS.