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Dramatically improve your backoffice.Easy to setup and use - powerful features. Your path to lights-out automation.Get going today - download Open Edition.

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InTouch Web

InTouch Version 7 will be Generally Available the Spring of 2014 and provides a rich, fully browser-based management console based on AJAX. It features support for all major web browsers and includes support of the Apple iPad.

Cloud Computing

Automation comes to cloud-based computing. Now you can run the InTouch Automation Server in the cloud and enjoy all the benefits of cloud computing. You can have instant access to computing resources managed by your cloud provider.

Open Edition

Our power-packed automation system is now freely available for download, installation and use for an unlimited time. You can get started immediately and optionally upgrade to a version that best meets your organization's functional and support requirements.

What InTouch Offers

The role of InTouch is to make sure that important processes run efficiently, reliably, and without unnecessary delays. When something goes wrong, and it will, the right actions are taken and the right people are instantly alerted. This way, the effect of the problem does not propagate to other systems and the impact of the problem is minimized by immediate detection and resolution.

When you define an InTouch automation job, you define the tasks you want performed, when you want the job run, what to do if the job or task succeeds or fails and who should be notified each step of the way.

When the InTouch Server runs your job, it internally checks the success or failure of each task in order to determine if it should proceed with the next task, restart with another task or terminate the job and optionally run a recovery job.

Because this has been built into the core of the automation engine, it is reliable, efficient and is always performed implicitly. It also means that you don't need to worry about doing it.

Why You Need It?

The highly competitive business environment today operates 24x7x365 with no margin for error.

InTouch provides world class automation capabilities but without the massive investment in time and effort or the mind-numbing complexity of other enterprise automation systems.

If you're not sure, install InTouch Open Edition and see for yourself. We're here to help if you need it, but you probably wont...

Why InTouch?

  • World class automation
  • Easy to setup and manage
  • Unlimited use Open Edition


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