InTouch at a glance

InTouch drives your mission-critical processes efficiently, and with unparalleled performance. Automate the flow of information across the enterprise and cloud, and orchestrate processes across those servers.

World class automation

Powers the most comprehensive automation needs for global powerhouses


Make sure that important processes run efficiently, reliably, and without unnecessary delays. If something goes wrong, the right actions are taken and the right people are alerted. The effect of the problem does not propagate to other systems and the impact of the problem is minimized by immediate detection and resolution.

Easy set up

No complicated installation, no need for a database server, no need for an application server. Run on premise or in the cloud. Get up and running in a few minutes.


InTouch version 7.2 has substantial improvements in usability and manageability, and further strengthens security controls. (4/17)

InTouch version 7.1 introduces HTTPS support. Included is an improved fault-tolerant email server interface able to withstand distributed denial of service attacks. (9/16)

InTouch version 7.0 is a rich, fully functional graphical Web-based user interface with a run anywhere, anytime usage model. It provides tightly controlled security through comprehensive role-based access. (11/15)

Cloud Computing

Now you can run the InTouch Automation Server in the cloud and enjoy all the benefits of cloud computing. You can have instant access to computing resources managed by your cloud provider.

Coming soon...

Our Community Edition will be freely available for download soon. Use the power-packed automation system to get started immediately and optionally upgrade to a version that best meets your organization’s functional and support requirements.